About DEM

Digital Education Marketing is a forward thinking education marketing company working with universities and colleges across the globe to match students with their perfect courses.

We are defining the future of student recruitment marketing through innovative products, exceptional customer service and above all a great understanding of both the institutions' and prospective students' needs.

What We Do

In addition to traditional institution profiles and course listings we leverage the power of direct mail, social media and education blogging to maximise institution and student engagement.

Our bespoke advertising campaigns are tailored to suit your unique student recruitment requirements and benefit from our following unique strengths:

  • Targeted - advertising activity can be drilled down to country or subject providing highly focused campaigns.
  • Timing - broadcast and advertise at points during the recruitment cycle that suit you.
  • Reach - across DEM managed sites we attract over 2 million students a year from over 200 countries and territories worldwide.
  • Measurable - detailed statistics help you understand the impact of your marketing activities.

For more information about how your institution can benefit from our services please contact us.

Who We Are

We're a diverse, friendly group of people with a shared passion for education marketing

Matt at DEM Matt at DEM

Matt Makins

Matt is a co-founder of DEM and creates the code that makes the DEM products work. Unlike most IT bods who are hidden in basements, he is encouraged to email our lovely clients, so you may have encountered him in a request for campaign content, or money.

His main hobby is beer, not just the consumption of, but also the brewing of and subsequently his garage is starting to resemble a set from Breaking Bad. When he's not chasing hoses around the brewery he can be found chasing his daughter Erin.

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Georgia at DEM Georgia at DEM

Georgia Turner

Georgia joined DEM in 2013 at the age of 17 as a Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator. Three years down the line she has now moved over to the client management team as an account manager. Georgia keeps our customers happy by building targeted campaigns and working closely with the marketing team to produce detailed reports for her fabulous clients.

Outside of work Georgia has a keen interest in the UK grime scene, to the annoyance of the rest of DEM, and also enjoys purchasing an excessive amount of trainers and high heels.

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Beckie at DEM Beckie at DEM

Beckie Littlewood

Beckie joined DEM in the summer of 2017 and quickly established herself as an important member of the team, you may well have received an email or call from her!

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Simon at DEM Simon at DEM

Simon Adcock

Simon is another of the co-founders of DEM - there are so many of them! His main responsibility is managing the client management team, which involves meeting many of our clients, planning their campaigns and drinking their tea.

Simon talks a lot, mainly about his ever-growing synthesiser collection and his cat, Loyd. Aside from these interests his other hobby is eating… everything.

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Ana at DEM Ana at DEM

Ana Gill

Ana joined DEM early in 2018 to assist with delivering client's campaigns. Ana is currently studying at the University of Derby and is a keen cyclist and part-time rock climber.

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Alex at DEM Alex at DEM

Alex Kerr

Alex is a co-founder of DEM and has represented the design wing of the company since its establishment in 2011. Alex is responsible for keeping DEMs products at the cutting edge of user experience in the education sector and his influence can be viewed across StudyLink, Coursefindr and the DEM Editor.

Alex has a variety of interests both mechanical and arty when away from the office, with an endless list of unfinished projects in his wake.

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Where We Are

Located in the prestigious Catherdral Quarter district of Derby city center, DEM proudly resides amongst a thriving creative community.